Enjay is a company with an important mission - saving the world.

Our vision is to reduce global CO2 emissions by 500 megatons yearly - that’s 1% of the estimated global emissions of 2050.

Enjay was founded by childhood friends Nils Lekeberg and Jesper Wirén, veterans in commercial kitchen ventilation. As the company's main stakeholders they run Enjay from its headquarters in Malmö. There are offices found locally in the Netherlands and soon in Germany and France.

Lepido is Enjay's first innovation, a profitable energy recovery unit for restaurant ventilation. It solves a problem that most would deem unsolvable - efficient energy recovery in restaurant ventilation, but without the maintenance. Lepido is the first adaptation of the technology, one which can be applied within various fields.

Lepido saw the light of day in 2019 and is already a standard in all new Burger King restaurants being built around Scandinavia. Numerous restaurants and hotels in Denmark and Norway have also adopted the solution. But this is just the beginning. After the official European launch the Middle East and North America awaits. Our message is clear: wasting energy is no longer an option.

In 2018 Enjay was elected Climate Solver by WWF and in 2019 the company was awarded first prize in Innovationsracet, an event arranged by the Swedish Department of Energy. In 2020 the company made it to the finals in the world’s largest Climate Award for startups, SET 2020.

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