As Lepido can function without maintenance even in harsh restaurant ventilation environments, every kWh saved becomes a direct return on the investment.

Lepido in Burger King

Lepido triples energy recovery in newly constructed restaurant

Recovered energy from a Burger King restaurant is redistributed to power ventilation and heating (tap water, floors and air). A yearly total of 120 000 kWh can now be recovered, thanks to Lepido.

Restaurant: Burger King Östersund
Property owner:
NP3 Fastigheter
Teknisk klimatservice Norr AB
Energy recovered:
about 120 000 kWh/year

Energy recovery and cooling in a national monument protected building

There are limits to what you can do in a national monument protected building. This added a layer of complexity during the installation of an energy recovery system for Färgstarkt, a popular restaurant in Lund. Lepido was picked for the project thanks to its flexibility. The setup now recovers energy while delivering comfort ventilation.

Restaurant: Färgstarkt, Lund
Property owner:
Pär Lundberg Fastighets AB
Assemblin Ventilation Malmö
Energy recovered:
60 000 kWh/year

Lepido in restaurant Färgstarkt