Case - 2.2.2020



Energy recovery and cooling in a national monument protected building

There are limits to what you can do in a national monument protected building. This added a layer of complexity during the installation of an energy recovery system for Färgstarkt, a popular restaurant in Lund. Lepido was picked for the project thanks to its flexibility. The setup now recovers energy while delivering comfort ventilation.

Lepido in restaurant Färgstarkt

Foto: Kaj Ransvi

Restaurant Färgstarkt is located inside of a national monument protected building. Lepido matched the building's fire secure and functional flues (class 1B) as well as some of its unique installation requirements. And since the unit doesn’t require maintenance, it solved several issues caused by the limitations associated with this kind of building.

Installing floor or wall mounted units for comfort ventilation in a NMP building would be almost impossible. A welcome side effect of the Lepido system is that it can help cool the restaurant interior during the Summer. With Lepido there is no need for any exterior mounts.


  • Restaurant: Färgstarkt, Lund
  • Property owner: Pär Lundberg Fastighets AB
  • Assembly: Assemblin Ventilation Malmö
  • Operation: 14 hours
  • Airflow: 1200 l/sec
  • Designable exhaust temperature in air duct: 24°C
  • Designable outdoor temperature: -16°C
  • Desired inlet air temperature: 20°C
  • Starting operations in: Aug 2019
  • Energy recovered: 60 000 kWh/year

A visual of the energy Lepido has recovered for Färgstarkt. Comfort cooling is not displayed in the graph.

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