Case - 1.2.2020



Lepido triples energy recovery in newly constructed restaurant

Recovered energy from a Burger King restaurant is redistributed to power ventilation and heating (tap water, floors and air). A yearly total of 120 000 kWh can now be recovered, thanks to Lepido.

Integrating a Lepido unit was part of the early plan when a brand new Burger King restaurant was being built in Östersund. Enjay’s recovery unit meets set requirements and matches the flue classifications necessary to live up to Burger King standards.

Installations were initially fitted to receive basic sustenance from the Lepido unit. The setup maximizes the use of Lepido’s flexible capabilities as the recovered energy is further distributed to power ventilation, tap water heating, floor heating and heated air exhausts.

There have been several previous attempts to cash in on the energy found in the kitchens of Scandinavian Burger King restaurants, but none of them have been successful from an economic or technical perspective.


  • Restaurant: Burger King Östersund
  • Property owner: NP3 Fastigheter
  • Constructor: Fastec
  • Assembly: Teknisk klimatservice Norr AB
  • Operation: 16 hours
  • Airflow: 1000 l/sec
  • Exhaust temperature in air duct: 24 grC
  • Designable outdoor temperature: -20 grC
  • Desired inlet air temperature: 18°C
  • Starting operations in: June 2019
  • Energy recovered: 120 000 kWh/year

Energy recovery in a specific Burger King restaurant with a Lepido unit installed. The orange curve shows the recovery from a similar restaurant using a different setup.

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