This is Lepido™

Revolutionizing energy recovery

Greasy restaurant exhausts

Handling the problem
by avoiding the problem

Since always, the problem in recovering energy from restaurant ventilation is that grease particles clog up and ruin technical equipment. That is why restaurants and property owners still waste 100 % of this energy by releasing the entire exhaust airflow. This is what Lepido™ is the solution to, with very high ROI.


Instead of filtering, Lepido™ bypasses the entire problem by letting most of the grease particles pass straight through the recovery battery, while at the same time salvaging energy from the airflow. The system works equally well in warm and cold climates, and there is always flexibility in how to utilize the output.


Use the recovered energy in:
VentilationTap waterRadiatorsAir-conditioning

Simple and ingenious

A look inside Lepido™

The success of the Lepido™ recovery battery is the unique geometry of its coils. Inside the recovery battery there are hundreds of parallel tubes. The patented design efficiently recovers energy as the warm air passes, but lets the majority of the grease particles in the airflow follow straight through.


The few grease particles that actually do stick to the coils are removed with Lepido’s patented automatic cleaning system. This is what makes Lepido truly maintenance-free. Inspection once a year is all that’s required.

Both for heating and cooling systems

Make it happen

Quick and easy installation

The Lepido™ system normally consists of three components: Lepido recovery battery, a heat pump and a control system to monitor and manage operation. These can be configured for different setups. One system can run multiple Lepido recovery battery units connected to a single heat pump.


The Lepido recovery battery unit is standardized to the dimensions of the exhaust duct, making it ideal both for new buildings and for retrofitting. Installation is quick and easy with minimal disturbance to the restaurant’s operations. The recovery battery is installed over-night and further installation (electrics and plumbing) doesn’t conflict with ongoing kitchen work.


Lepido can be installed both in- and outdoors, vertically or horizontally. The control system is MODBUS based which allows integration with the building’s overall control system.


Lepido™ is available in three models
to suit all types of installation

Lepido™ CHP

Energy recovery based on exhaust air heat pump, for pre-heating of tap water and simultaneous delivery of comfort ventilation

Coming soon

Lepido™ RB

Liquid based heat recycling within the ventilation system

Lepido™ HP

Energy recovery based on exhaust air heat pump, for delivery of heating (or cooling) with flexible delivery temperature

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