Real change

Because they said
it couldn’t be done

Energy, it is all around us. It is fundamental to everything and humanity has become increasingly hooked on consuming it excessively. At the same time, the planet is in dire need for us to use less of it. We believe using energy more efficiently is part of the solution, moreover there is money to be made. If saving the world isn’t good enough motivation, capital gain usually is. We like both.


Energy out of thin air

We believe in changing perspectives and a lot of not taking ‘no’ for an answer. Especially that last bit. If they say it can’t be done, we see it as a challenge. That is how we got this far, to real solutions that solve real problems with real results. We see what others don’t. Energy where others see thin air. Potential where others see the impossible. We are Enjay. We let you recover untapped energy in challenging environments.


True climate solution

Enjay represents an enormous potential in energy savings. For the property owner, it’s a saving in the $10 000’s annually per restaurant. Simply good business. On a global scale, it’s exactly the kind of sustainability solution that the climate so desperately needs: Billions of dollars saved in energy, hundreds of millions of tons saved in CO2 emissions.


Yes, the future is about using less energy. This is not achievable unless we increase the rate of recycling of the energy that we actually use. Today, 40% of the Earth’s energy consumption is used for heating and cooling buildings. Just imagine the environmental impact in every percent we can increase recycling!

Enjay is a Swedish company founded in 2015 by Nils Lekeberg and Jesper Wirén who together have more than 30 years of experience in the ventilation industry.

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