Reference cases

First projects, real results

Burger King

A working solution

“We did trials where we tried to protect the air handling unit from grease and soot by installing air cleaning equipment with ozone and bacteria, but it hasn’t worked for us at all. The issue is that the soot particles from our broilers, together with the grease, creates a thick substance that clogs everything up. But Lepido works very well. Enjay has taken it step by step and provided us with a solution that finally enables us to recover all the energy that previously was just lost.“

Magged Khalidy,

franchise owner of 10 Burger King restaurants

Vasakronan/Texas Longhorn

Maintenance no more

“This ground-floor restaurant was running a recovery unit protected by air filters and UV lights, which saved us 65 000 kWh per year. But the running maintenance cost of exchanging filters was higher than what we actually saved in energy. That’s why we went looking for a better solution to energy recovery, without the extensive service and maintenance costs. We found it in Lepido.”

Joakim Persson,

teknisk förvaltare Vasakronan

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