Lepido is a unique energy recovery system, revolutionizing industry by enabling profitable energy recovery from restaurant ventilation.

Energy recovery system Lepido

The future of energy recovery

Recovering the energy from exhaust air in restaurant ventilation is challenging due to high levels of soot and grease damaging the equipment. Until now, filtering the air in an attempt to remove the grease and soot has been the only solution, and maintenance costs are often exceeding the energy savings. But now there is a different solution - Lepido.

Lepido is based on two patents

  • First there is the intelligently designed recovery unit. The coils are arranged to allow most particles to pass through rather than stick to the unit. This allows for a stable airflow with the potential to distribute more energy to connected systems.
  • Larger particles will inevitably stick to the coils, only to be taken care of by the second patent. A controlled freezing process makes the particles lose their adhesiveness, and simply glide off the coil. This creates a maintenance-free and self-cleaning recovery system, resulting in increased efficiency and immense monetary savings.
Flow chart

Lepido is available in two basic configurations suited for all types of installations

Lepido is typically a three-part system including a recovery unit, heat pump and control system. These units can be configured in order to perform in both high and low temperature environments. The Lepido recovery unit is made to fit standard flue dimensions, enabling seamless installations, pre and post construction.

The unit can be installed in and outdoors, vertically and horizontally. The control system is MODBUS based and easily integrates into any superordinate systems.

Recovered energy can be used for:

  • Heating ventilation
  • Air conditioning (cooling)
  • Tap water pre-heating
  • Radiators
  • Floor heating
  • Swimming pool heating
Ideal for pre-heating

Lepido™ CHP

Energy recovery based on exhaust air heat pump, ideal for pre-heating of tap water and delivery of comfort ventilation.

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Flexible delivery temperature

Lepido™ HP

Energy recovery based on exhaust air heat pump, for heating (or cooling) with flexible delivery temperature.

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